Who’s Your Favorite Author?

Happy Thursday! I’ve come to my followers looking for advice.

So, I tend to stay in a small section of authors, and I am pretty set in my ways about what I read. I like to stick with mysteries, detective stories, and classic novels, and I shy away from stepping out of that comfort zone.

If you were to suggest one author that does not write mysteries or crime or thrillers to me, who would it be and why? What books of theirs are your favorites? It’s not that I haven’t read other genres, but I’m curious about new authors to check out. I’m sure that I’m missing out on a lot of good books, and I want to check out some new things.

Thanks guys!


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9 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Author?

  1. I found Zadie Smith this year and have read On Beauty and Swing Time. I love both and On Beauty made it into my top 10. I am so pleased to have pushed myself to pick up an author totally new to me because she is brilliant!

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  2. I just recently started reading detective/police procedurals, murder-mysteries and suspense, after reading SF and fantasy for a long while. I got bored with the same old stuff, and have been enjoying a lot of new readers (for me) Kathleen Kent, Steph Broadribb, Harry Hunsicker, Joe R. Lansdale who also writes sort of modern westerns. Great fun. try a few of them.

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  3. You MUST check out Ken Follett. Historical fiction, but the characters in his books actually lived and the events actually happened. The main characters are fictional, though. There’s mystery, murder, politics, religion, romance…omg! I can’t put them down! I highly recommend starting with pillars of the earth.

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  4. Kristen Painter writes about Nocturne Falls, a town that’s Halloween themed year round, where supernaturals are safe to live normally. It’s a super fun “universe” and each has a bit of mystery. Her Miss Frost books are my absolute favorites from that universe, but I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve tried so far. I never thought I’d like this style until I was introduced to her writing.

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    1. That sounds amazing! It reminds me of the Disney movie Halloweentown that I’ve been obsessed with since I was little! I’m going to check it out right now. Thank you 🙂


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