Help Me Write This Book

For most of my life, I have had it in my head that I am going to be a published author. Generally, if I get something in my head I am going to dwell on it until it gets finished. The problem with writing this first book has never been my lack of desire to write it, but  that I have never been able to nail down a genre. I have a lot of different interests, and I hate the thought of being tied to one type of book. Some days I want to write a mystery, and others I’m more drawn to a fantasy, magic type book.

Your first book is going to set the precedent for your audience and for the people interested in publishing it, and I want to make absolutely certain I’ve got it right before I do it. So far, what I have is an idea for a book. I have an outline and I have the names of characters. The theme ties in my love of mystery and what I experience (to an extent) as a lawyer. John Grisham is an author whose ideas have shaped me, and being that he is an attorney also I think molding my career as an author after him makes sense.

I have always envisioned writing Nancy Drew type novels, so I’m thinking of this more as if Nancy Drew grew up and became a lawyer, what would her life be like?

I’d gladly accept any advice you might have for writing your first book. I imagine it won’t be nearly as easy or go as smoothly as I have pictured in my head. The big ideas are easy to come up with, it’s the details I struggle with sometimes. Any helpful tips or things you wish you had known when you started your first book would be a huge help!

I have to start somewhere, so I may as well start now. Maybe I’ll be able to cross this off of my bucket list before I turn 30 in a few years!

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Write This Book

  1. I love your idea of Nancy Drew grows up to be a lawyer type book. Sounds fun and interesting. For details, there are books you can get that help you develop your characters. They list every shape of eyebrow imaginable. But also character traits too. There is a curriculum called How to Write the Novel Way. We’ve used it to help students develop the setting, plot, characters etc before you start the big job of writing. Enjoy your writing. I look forward to seeing more of your works.

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  2. Honestly, I just wrote about stuff I wanted to read like thriller and romance but I wanted it to sound like the people around me. All the books I read didn’t sound like me or my friends so I just wrote my first book about romance and thrills in an urban tone I guess you could I would say just don’t force it be you because you may write a ton of different things in the future that is nothing alike. For instance, Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors and I dig her writing but when she decided to write under the J.D. Robb alias it was because she didn’t want people to assume because it was her that it had to be like her other stuff and let’s face it the material she writes with these names are totally different but it works! Hope this helps!

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  3. Keep this vision in your head! Don’t let it fade away. Your passion for reading and writing shine through in your posts so I think you’d be an incredible author, and I look forward to you writing more about your journey 😊

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